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As the multi-generational talent pool intensifies it becomes more and difficult to keep up with what keeps employees engaged. How do they really feel about their jobs, their managers, the organization, and even you?

Resultance, Inc. consulting helps you identify and optimize the key elements that keep talent of all ages engaged and achieving their full potential.


The percentage of organizations who plan to improve employee engagement in 2017.

The Generational Engagement Assessment™

  • is a comprehensive 360 degree generational engagement feedback solution. It’s easy to use, flexible, cost effective and designed for groups or projects of any size.
  • is a powerful employee survey and online dashboard that measures the level of employee engagement, satisfaction, alignment, and organizational effectiveness in each generation.
  • helps you identify, understand, and fix employee engagement problems throughout your organization with actionable results that have more depth, more precision, and are easier to navigate and understand.

Employees, colleagues and peers have valuable insights and feedback they want to share.

Not only do they want to share it, but not sharing it and having you listen may be the thing that sends the out the door.

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