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Generational Codes™

We bring over 25 years of generational research and hands-on experience to support you in crafting Generationally Savvy™ Solutions that address:

  • Cross-Generational Leadership Challenges.
  • Inter-Generational Sales Blind Spots.
  • Multi-Generational Customer Service Friction Points.

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Your Challenge

Perhaps your organization is dealing with one or more of these top challenges:

Your Objectives = Our Mission

You want to focus on delighting your customers of every generation and growing your business. We can help decode the generational challenges getting in your way.  A few examples of our work include:

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As the multi-generational talent pool intensifies it becomes more and difficult to keep up with what keeps employees engaged.

How do they really feel about their jobs, their managers, the organization, and even you?

Resultance, Inc. consulting helps you identify and optimize the key elements that keep talent of all ages engaged and achieving their full potential.


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Generational speaker and expert, Anna Liotta, takes readers on the journey of how each generation thinks, behaves, and engages.

Anna shares the key to understanding the people around you—young and old and in between.

Whether you’re a Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial, Unlocking Generational CodesTM will change how you perceive others and enhance your relationships with everyone you know.

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