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Generational Communication Refresher

A large percentage of our workplace issues can boil down to a problem with communication. The key to good communication in the workplace is understanding the preferred communication styles of the different generations and using them to your advantage to communicate.

While one generation may not like, understand, or believe in the effectiveness of another generation’s preferred communication style, failure to be aware of the differences in styles and to meet one another across generational lines will only result in a breakdown in communication and a lack of productivity in the workplace. When a Gen Xer takes the time to get to know a Baby Boomer, he can sell a product that might not be sold if he just “cuts to the chase.” And a Baby Boomer who understands that a Gen Xer views time as precious and wants to “cut to the chase” will be appreciated for not wasting the Gen Xer’s time. A middle ground can be found where everyone can flourish in the work environment and feel listened to and appreciated.

I hope this little refresher will help you calibrate and work through any current communication problems in your workplace. The more we understand each other, the more successful we will all be.


Three Simple Rules for Social Media

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Social Media and Reaching Your Customers

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Marketing to Millenials

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