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Top 50 over 50

We’ve all heard of the Top 40 under 40. Our culture celebrates youth, and more specifically, success at a young age. But we’re starting to see a push to appreciate our Baby Boomers in such campaigns like Huffington Post and NBC’s Top 50 over 50. 

Baby Boomers have many great professional qualities: loyalty, perseverance, dedication, reliability, leadership. These traits are not to be taken for granted, and the rest of the world is taking notice. Baby Boomers in their great numbers have provided a tremendous foundation for the generations that follow them. And while Baby Boomers do not typically seek praise, they are due plenty of it. Give some thought as to who you would nominate. Even if you don’t officially nominate them, let them know that they are appreciated.

Using Generational Savvy™ to Impact the Bottom Line

Generational misunderstandings and friction can send human capital costs spiraling dramatically upward. So before you jump into the multi-generational traffic flow and get hit or cause an accident, you need to look both ways. To make exciting futures possible, the focus should not be on our differences, clash points, or collisions, but rather on understanding the different generations’ connecting points… Continue Reading

No jerks allowed!

With a “No Jerks Policy,” the core practice at these companies is “Be a JERK and you are gone.” Xers (and Millennials too) believe that life is too short to work with jerks. It takes courage to let them go, but Xers will respect and be loyal to leaders with the chutzpa to take courageous action. Letting a toxic team… Continue Reading

“One size fits all” is OVER.

This may come as a shock to those of you that worked your way up the old-fashioned way, but the one size-fits-all career ladder has run its course. Today’s knowledgeable worker is looking to begin a dialogue from Day One/Interview One about the options, avenues, and possibilities he can explore and experience during his tenure at your organization.… Continue Reading