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Remember the Mantra—It’s NOT Personal

It’s Generational! Knowing what shapes the multi-generational mix as well as the state it puts us in can catapult you forward or be your downfall if ignored or mishandled. Often, it can feel like someone from another generation is personally reacting, ignoring, or trying to irritate YOU. Or, perhaps you may think the person personally doesn’t like you or is refusing to agree with you. I can’t say that never happens (some people may actually be trying to ignore or irritate you); however, many times their actions are rooted more deeply in their generational paradigm of how they see the world and believe that things should happen; this paradigm may include such things as what constitutes good work ethic, dress codes, and/or how people should be rewarded or disciplined in the workplace.
So, as you continue forward on your journey of becoming Generationally Savvy™, I encourage you to use this mantra:
It’s not personal—it’s generational.

Read it again and say it out loud a few times. You may even want to visit to print off a sign for your office as a reminder.

Using Generational Savvy™ to Impact the Bottom Line

Generational misunderstandings and friction can send human capital costs spiraling dramatically upward. So before you jump into the multi-generational traffic flow and get hit or cause an accident, you need to look both ways. To make exciting futures possible, the focus should not be on our differences, clash points, or collisions, but rather on understanding the different generations’ connecting pointsContinue Reading

Content: Owning vs. Renting

In a follow up to last week’s post regarding how each generation views information in the workplace, I’d like to dig deeper and look at owning vs. renting content. In today’s technology based world, we have everything at our fingertips. This delights Milennials who believe that the ability to access ad share information quickly isContinue Reading

Bravo, Jimmy Fallon.

One of the most common questions clients and audiences ask me is Anna, “What if I have multiple generations in the sales pitch to my client, my team or my customers? How do I touch them all?” That’s a great question and we recently saw a great example of it in the first episode ofContinue Reading

Baby Boomer Jay Leno Passes the Torch

The big news last night was Jimmy Fallon’s first show behind the legendary Tonight Show desk. Fallon has been waiting in the wings for years, and as Jay Leno finally retired after 22 years, 39 year old Fallon steps into the spotlight. Jay Leno recently did an interview with 60 minutes regarding his impending retirement.Continue Reading

The Executive Talent Crunch of 2014

It’s been happening 3 times a week for months. An email arrives announcing the requirement of another Baby Boomer executive… “As you may know, I am retiring as Executive Director of the ABC Company effective April 15. We are now looking for a new E.D. Know anyone who would be interested? Here’s the Job Description. Please circulateContinue Reading