Generational Communication Refresher

A large percentage of our workplace issues can boil down to a problem with communication. The key to good communication in the workplace is understanding the preferred communication styles of the different generations and using them to your advantage to communicate. While one generation may not like, understand, or believe in the effectiveness of another… Continue Reading

Compromise and Candor are the Key to Keeping Millenials

In a follow up to recent posts about Social Media, let’s take a look at how to retain the generation that most values Social Media: MIllenials. In a consulting engagement with a client from a regional professional association, a Boomer manager argued that the amount of time spent on Facebook and Twitter was negatively affecting productivity so… Continue Reading

Social Media in the Workplace: To Control or not to Control?

Our multi-generational workplaces are ever-evolving. And with that evolution comes new technology. As a manager, you must decide how to address Social Media in the workplace and decide what is appropriate for your organization. Here are some factors to consider when making those decisions. Proactive and generationally relevant rules about use of social media are absolutely essential… Continue Reading

Three Simple Rules for Social Media

When using social media, be sure to promote your message “respectfully.” Some of us are still finding our footing in the ever-growing social media community. It’s important to investigate the community tone, rules, and protocols before you jump in since each form of social media has definite ways to participate and ways to get in trouble. Here are… Continue Reading

Social Media and Reaching Your Customers

Most of us are accustomed to selecting the radio or TV station we prefer to receive our news or entertainment through while dabbling in or surfing others. Generally, we return most frequently to the channel that presents the information the way we like best to hear it. But today a myriad of available channels makes selecting the right… Continue Reading

Remember the Mantra—It’s NOT Personal

It’s Generational! Knowing what shapes the multi-generational mix as well as the state it puts us in can catapult you forward or be your downfall if ignored or mishandled. Often, it can feel like someone from another generation is personally reacting, ignoring, or trying to irritate YOU. Or, perhaps you may think the person personally doesn’t like you or is… Continue Reading