Top 50 over 50

We’ve all heard of the Top 40 under 40. Our culture celebrates youth, and more specifically, success at a young age. But we’re starting to see a push to appreciate our Baby Boomers in such campaigns like Huffington Post and NBC’s Top 50 over 50. 

Baby Boomers have many great professional qualities: loyalty, perseverance, dedication, reliability, leadership. These traits are not to be taken for granted, and the rest of the world is taking notice. Baby Boomers in their great numbers have provided a tremendous foundation for the generations that follow them. And while Baby Boomers do not typically seek praise, they are due plenty of it. Give some thought as to who you would nominate. Even if you don’t officially nominate them, let them know that they are appreciated.

Can Pop Music give us insight on Millennials?

Each generation seems to think that the one that comes after them favors music that is just “noise”. But could the music of newest generation in the work force give us insight on what it’s like to be a Millennial? One of the most popular albums in the US currently is by a very talentedContinue Reading

Talkin’ Bout our Generations

As part of our continuing discussion about Milennials in the Workplace, I’d like to revisit an article I contributed to on the Seattle Pi Blog last summer. If you need some tips on managing your Milennial team members, Keeping them engaged, and finding out what makes them tick, read the full article here.

Bring Your Parents to Work Day

Remember when “Bring Your Child to Work Day” was all the rage? Now that those children who were brought to work are in the workforce themselves, they are turning around and extending the favor to their parents. The Wall Street Journal writer Ron Alsop reports in his book The Trophy Kids Grow Up that todayContinue Reading

Burnt Bridges and Scorched Earth Policies are Passé

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, one of the most expensive endeavors for an organization in human capital and pure dollars is the acquisition of top talent. Not only is it tough to find the right candidate, but lateral integration of a new knowledge worker team member can cost an organization $300,000 or more. Aside from theContinue Reading


The answers to all of our generational questions boil down to a very simple principle that is at the heart of who we are as human beings: RESPECT. Everyone wants to be respected for how he or she sees the world. While each generation is unique in its views, they all have two fundamental thingsContinue Reading