Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

How Do You Sell to Baby Boomers?

The Baby Boomers, 80 million strong, created a cultural wave in purchasing never experienced before. From the time Boomers entered adolescence to now as they begin to enter “retirement age” the sheer numbers of people in this generation has dramatically impacted the market.

Boomers’ purchasing power is at an all time high. Millions of business people and organizations already directly target their marketing, messaging, and solutions toward serving and selling to the Boomers, a generation of wealthy, I want it now, liberal spenders.

However, don’t forget it is a “seller beware” market. Boomers are demanding customers who expect great things for their money. Contrary to popular belief they are not brand loyal like their Traditionalist parents. A 2001 Roper/ASW study reports that buyers age 45+ are no more brand loyal than younger people in most categories.

The good news, Boomers can be influenced by advertising and marketing messages. They are constantly looking for new products and services that meet the demands and life opportunities and obstacles they are facing.

What Boomers are dealing with:

• Boomers are time-stressed.
• They are dealing with aging parents who need their care.
• They have Boomerang Millennial children who keep coming back again and again.
• They need products and services that will save them time.

Boomers are at the peak of their careers and earning potential. Time is money to a Boomer and they are willing to pay handsomely to get back the balance in their life.

But be aware that Boomers have a healthy skepticism of authority from their activism, flower-power years. So be ready to present your convenient, easy, trusty time-saving solutions in a highly ethical and straightforward manner.

These civil rights, human rights babies are value-driven and optimistic by nature. But they will do the research and you will need to match up what you promise with what you deliver.

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