Are you frustrated with the generation gap? Do you have top talent that is expecting to be promoted today for actions done yesterday? Are the parents of your new hires following them into the workplace? Do you feel Facebook impedes productivity and impacts your bottom line?

As a leader— in a global, multi-generational workplace - your ability to motivate, mentor and inspire talent of all ages to reach their potential, is integral to being profitable in business today and tomorrow.

Anna Liotta, CEO of Resultance, guides you to overcome the generation gap so you can effectively communicate and develop meaningful relationships with team members and clients of all ages.Click here for a videoAnna Liotta is a communications consultant specializing in generational leadership, diversity and sales solutions. She is passionately dedicated to supporting leaders serving the generations through professional development and consulting.

The Millennial Code

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One of the most expensive endeavors for an organization is the acquisition of top talent. Nobody says that we hire anybody that can fog a mirror. Everyone says, (or wants to be able to say) we hire the best and brightest. But often times leaders aren’t looking at what attracts today’s top talent from the talent’s Generational CODE. They make the big mistake of thinking, what got me here, should get them here too.
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